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BEAUTIFUL.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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suis-je beau? [Thursday
August 25th, 2005]

name: kimberly rose coleman. but you can call me kim.
age: eighteen. almost nineteen.
ten favorite bands:

  1. the spill canvas

  2. fall out boy

  3. the used

  4. the rocket summer (aka bryce avary)

  5. him

  6. the starting line

  7. the bravery

  8. bleed the dream

  9. from first to last

  10. daphne loves derby

five favorite movies:

  1. almost famous

  2. pretty in pink

  3. edward scissorhands

  4. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

  5. gardenstate

tattoos/peircings & where: i have two tattoos on my ankle. they are more than less combined though. i have a butterfly and a motorcyle. and piercings. um. where do i start? i have nine piercings. my ear lobes each pierced twice. my tragi pierced in both ears. my right lower lip pierced. and venoms in my tongue. i used to have my clavicle's surface pierced. <3
proof of promotion:
at least 3 clear pictures of yourself:
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August 25th, 2005]

Age: 18
10 favorite bands:
Not in any particular order...
-Elliott Smith
-Sigor Rios
-Death Cab For Cutie
-Scissor Sisters
-Operation Ivy
-Bad Religion
5 favorite movies:
-Igby Goes Down
-Requiem For A Dream
-American Beauty
-American History X
-28 Days Later
Tattoos/peircings & where: Ears are pierced twice, I have a tattoo on my neck behind my ear of a gothic cross.
Proof of promotion: on Nars_Cosmetics, Hellocallie, and GeoffreyandRuhkel
At least 3 clear pictures of yourself:

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suis-je beau? [Thursday
August 25th, 2005]

Name: briana. but i am known as 'bobo' by katie (the other mod)
Age: 19, give or take a few years
10 favorite bands: afi, less than jake, bad religion, rise against, msi, avenged sevenfold, the used, tim mcgraw (country, yes i admit i love it), a static lullaby, thrice *that was harder than it should have been*
5 favorite movies: american history x, the lion king, hook, hedwig and the angry inch, the notebook
Tattoos/peircings & where: my ears. thats all, sadly.
Proof of promotion: go check pretty much any promo community you wish and youll most likely find them
At least 3 clear pictures of yourself:

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MOD // APP. [Thursday
August 25th, 2005]
[ mood | awake ]

Name: Katie.
Age: 16.
10 favorite bands: Ohhh man. Currently; Saosin, Jack's Mannequin, Mindless Self Indulgence, Nine Inch Nails, The Used, UnderOATH, Senses Fail, Acceptance, Placebo, Glassjaw.
5 favorite movies: Fight Club, The Dangerous Lives Of Alter Boys, Pumpkin, Aladdin, Pulp Fiction.
Tattoos/peircings & where: None and none. I'm scared to death of needles.
At least 3 clear pictures of yourself:

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